Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'll be right back...

Hi Folks,

Please bare with me as the Mr. and I recently moved into a swanky new love nest (pics coming soon). We are in the process of getting settled and my internet should be up and running this week. Right now we are waiting for At&t U-verse to get to our home and install!! In the mean time, I am picking up a strong signal from my neighbor...shhhhhhhhhhhh. I had to let you know what was going on. Please stay tuned for an exciting giveaway and more sassy blog talk.


  1. Good luck getting settled - looking forward to pics!

    Our internet went down a few weeks ago and we were sooo bootlegging off anyone with an unsecure network. It was the only thing that got me thru! Hehehe!

  2. Thanks Yakini! HA HA on the bootlegging, thats exactly what we are doing.

  3. well I sure by now u r in full swing with U-verse. You have to let me know how u like it. Mr and I are thinking about getting it.