Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pause...For Me Time!

Moving is such an overwhelming task! The Mr. and I are somewhat settled, although we still have a few more items to find a home for before we are completely organized and back to norm. In the midst of the move and the blog launch, I was able to pause for a brief second (pause....) and get some shopping done for myself; via the internet. Oh how I heart the virtual world. Everything is literally at my finger tips. So I did a little online shopping and purchased a few summer dresses. I am still on the prowl for a few more, but I couldn’t pass up this sale at Arden B. If you notice most of my dresses or attire has a distinct style to it. Over the years I've learned how to accentuate my assets and flaws to allow me to appear, well…flawless. I have full (Twins), nice shapely legs but I have a little derrière and a thick waist! So I try to find dresses that will enhance my lovely curves, synch in my thick waist and add a pair of pumps to show up my legs. Look at my fabulous finds. Yes, sassy yet classy.

Cinch in my waste and accentuate my girls..Haute! How Cute is this dress! Date night with the Hubby. Haute!

This is such a fun Maxi Dress. I think this will work perfect for walks on the Lake Front.

This is just super cute.

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  1. Oh yes, moving is a reaaalllly emotionally & physically draining experience. I cant stand it. We've been in this place for almost a year now and still have a couple boxes in the corner, simply because we haven't made room for the stuff! LOL. *Yes, trifling*

    I love the dress with the black top and ruffled, floral skirt. Cute!!!

  2. Its always important to take some time out for yourself, even if it is only for a second! :) I love these dresses, I'm really feeling the yellow one for the summer.

  3. Thanks Sharina! I really wanted to wear that one last night to the Screening, but we had to wear pink and black. The lovely colors of our sisterhood. @ Yakini I so understand! Our building gave a us a little storage unit in the basement so the items I don’t feel like being bothered with are currently there. We still have a room with boxes (computer room) that needs to get sorted ASAP so that I can ...BLOG!

  4. Moving is a pain! But the best part of moving is buying new things to full up your new house! I love online store's. I really love stepping foot into a store! A store can awaken a lust for things you never even knew you needed. And when your fingers first grasp those shiny, new bags...oh yea

  5. Omg, I'd love to have free storage space. We pay an arm and a leg for a tiny spot in Manhattan Mini Storage now. You lucky duck! :-)

  6. Cute fashions!!! Loving it! I'm not a big online shopper....I have a need to go to my favorite store's... touch the material, compare sizes...I'm weird like that! But I have girlfriends that LOVE shopping online...maybe I'll give it another chance. Thanks for the inspiration;-)

  7. I love all of the dresses, and those sandals are too cute!

  8. I need some pause...For some me time.

  9. Brandi,

    I just love that hat, Looks as if you are ready for a tea party

    Very tasteful….