Monday, August 2, 2010

Deluxe Apartment in the Sky..

The Mr and I recently moved to the Bronzeville area of Chicago. What a fabulous neighborhood!!! It's very diverse, upbeat and urban with allot of young couples such as ourselves. I'm looking forward to perusing the area and taking complete advantage of everything that it has to offer. We are half a block away from the beach and the neighborhood is surrounded by nice restaurants, lounges and museums. The panoramic lake view is breath taking and I love watching the sunrise and sunset.

Lake view from balcony
Partially obstructed view of downtown. Looks beautiful at night
I was so excited to move and begin making this space our own. In the process I fell in love with the HomeGoods store. I have no idea where they’ve been all of my life, but love love love the fabulous finds and great prices. I found all of the accessories for our little bathroom there. I wanted to keep the open and spa-like feel because it's so small. The picture does not do the shower curtain any justice (Side note: Mr. I need a new camera please) as it has a hint of sparkle and perfectly placed rhinestones crystals at the top.

When I placed the mints and cotton balls in the jars, Mr. asked if there is a bathroom attendant also.  (Me Rolling Eyes)

Added this pic for Mr. (New Camera please)
Mr. relinquished all decorative rights in our home... YES, it was a struggle for him to let go; however, he realized for him to be happy he has to make me happy..(sassy moment). I honestly didn’t think he would be so involved in the decorating process based on his actions during the wedding planning. I was proven wrong when he put up a fight about this adorable little chair I wanted but according to him it was "FRUITY".

OMG we fussed and debated over this chair for about two weeks! We surveyed friends and family on their thoughts and of course both my BIL’s thought it was “Fruity” and my girlfriends and SIL thought by incorporating the "Fruity" chair with the other pieces (see below)  it would create the perfect his/ hers space.

Ultimately he gave in and said it was ok to get the chair, but guess what, keeping his thoughts in mind and due to lack of space I ended up not getting it. All of the disputing was not done in vain because a wonderful agreement came from it. I now hold the title as Interior Decorator (well for our home anyways) and he handles all of the electronics (wink).

Although moving was such a tedious task, I’m enjoying the new purchases and building our nest. Instead of diving in and making quick frugal purchases I decided to take my time and get the great quality pieces that I we will enjoy. We still have some organizing to do but it finally feels like home.



  1. Beautiful!!! I can't wait to see the new place. When we moved last December, I found out about the Home Goods store and became addicted. They have such great prices and everything you need to decorate your home. You and I will have some fun shopping there.

    Oh and I really like the "fruity" chair lol

  2. That is a breath taking view!! And I loe the color scheme that you have going on as well.

  3. Everything looks really pretty! The bathroom is lovely.

    I also love the tufted headboard on the bed. We've got one in a champagne color, and I love it.

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for stopping by, I'm returning the follow!

  5. Looking good RWOC Sis but I didn't expect anything different :-)

  6. Nice!!

    Following you from Mommy Bloggers Rock on Facebook

  7. Welcome to the neighborhood! My mister and I live in Bronzeville too.

  8. Thanks ladies! I can't wait until everything is completed but I am happy with our progress thus far.

  9. i think you have great taste! :)

  10. Hi Brandy...
    Your right the bathroom is small, but looks very nice.

  11. Love it!! Cant wait till the house warming!!

  12. LOVE it! I was born in Chicago and have wanted to go back for YEARS. My husband has NO desire to go back. You apartment and the photos you posted fit right in line with my idealized portrait of what it would be like to live in the city.

    Off to go poke around your blog! :)

  13. Fabulous!!! Loving the color scheme & combinations... Can't wait to see your lakeview from the balcony;-)

  14. Just stopped by from The Lady Bloggers Society...

    I laughed out loud when you wrote "He said it was FRUITY"... I can SO see my husband saying that.

    And the best? Was the caption underneath: "FRUITY CHAIR"


    -Elizabeth @ Permanently At Lunch

  15. beautiful! and i love that "fruity" chair :)

  16. Absolutely gorgeous, shame you didn't have room for the chair. Am doing our dining room at the moment, and I'll be pleased if it looks half as nice.

  17. Congrats on the new apartment. My husband and the fam will be moving to a suburb of Michigan in a few month. I have never lived in an apartment(except with hubby before marriage very briefly)but I am up for the challenge. Keep us posted.