Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Pseudo Single Week (A Week without Mr.)

Mr. was out of town this past week and I can't get past the fact that I actually enjoyed this alone time. This is the first time since our wedding that we’ve been apart for this long, and I thought I would be awfully lonely and miss the heck out him. Of course he was missed, but I feel like I enjoyed this pseudo single week a bit too much. My first guilty pleasure was climbing into the middle of our bed and stretching out (making sheet angels). But the next day when I came home and it looked exactly how it did when I left that morning…oh now that was Divine. No shoes to pick up in the foyer, the bed was made, no dishes in the sink, and I walked into complete silence. This reminded me so much of my single days in NYC. To top it off, I went to pull out something for dinner and realized it was only me! YES!! Lean Cuisine and a glass of Moscatto…PRICELESS. I sat down in front of the TV and actually got a chance to catch up on some of my shows. Went on my balcony and I honestly forgot how much I enjoyed being by myself.

Tuesday-I worked later than normal and once I got home I prepped dinner for my "Girls-Night In" on
Wednesday, worked on some things for my blog and it was bed time before I knew it. My mind was completely occupied so that empty feeling of missing my mate had not snuck up on me yet.

Wednesday-I had some of my girlfriends over to keep me company and we enjoyed good food (Pot roast that slow cooked all day-a recipe I borrowed from Surviving Motherhood, corn, and mashed potatoes), great conversation and of course wine. I had a fabulous time, this was actually the first time since living in Chicago that I had a girls night in. It reminded me of my Sex and the city parties I used to have.

But uhmmmm....Still not missing Mr.

Thursday-I woke up soo sleepy. I guess this means that I'm getting "wiser" because I wanted to call off so bad. I was sleepy from the late night. I remember staying up until the wee hours and then getting up early to go to class or work and it did not faze me one bit. Uh huh...not anymore. I forced myself to get ready for work and I'm glad I did. Because that night it hit me...I missed Mr. and really really bad. I watched "I didn't know I was pregnant and got a little weepy, so I went to bed. I had a few sad moments but I was good.

Friday-My cousin from back east paid me a visit and I had a really good time with her. Once she left I was home alone, on a Friday. This Friday seemed very lonely.

Saturday-I went for a walk on the lakefront, came home and cleaned. Missing Mr. Then I watched lifetime all day. Around 5 I got ready for girls night out, put on my pumps and sashayed out the house. Feeling and looking great! I had a few margaritas and hung out with the girls. Came home smiling and feeling content because I knew hubby would be home tomorrow.

Sunday-I again walked on the lakefront met with the organizer of Real Wives of Chicago to discuss our upcoming Shopping Extravaganza. I made some steak tacos and Sangria and it was yummy! I worked on Sassy Wives Mentoring program in which details will be posted soon and then I waited…waited…and waited..

10’oclck. Mr. came through the door and I ran and gave him a big hug and kiss. I was so happy to have him home. I fixed him a plate, talked to him about my week and showed him my new business card design.

Its two days later and I am still happy to have my hubby home…but Lifetime is no longer the default channel in my living room, shoes are in the foyer, dishes are in the sink and I am back on the right side of the bed again. 

And to be honest... I love every minute of it.

Sassy Wife and Mr.
Disclaimer: Monday-Wednesday I missed you Mr.!! Love you


  1. I giggled a few times on this one. My husband left town for a week not long ago and I actually for the first time enjoyed being away from him. I did start to miss him around the third day though.

  2. Happy that you enjoyed your time :).

  3. I thought I was the only one. Before I got married I loved my space. Mine went away last week as well, and I got some much needed me time.

  4. Just made it through our longest separation...Enjoyed a lot of the time but there were definite moments were I missed just being married. It was great for us!


  5. I Love having time at home alone without the Mr and the Little Princess!
    This was a cute posting, glad you enjoyed your week.

  6. Thanks ladies, Today my colleague told me that I was glowing!! Absence does make the heart grow fonder. A little me time every now and then is needed!

  7. I'm glad im not the only one either lol...can't wait to hear more about your mentoring program.

  8. Got to have some me time once in a while but once the hubby is gone for more than five minutes, I totally miss him! How lame am I?

    Ummm, your dress in that pic looks adorable!

  9. Wow....your week sound so Nice! I can just imaging coming in the door and not tripping over Mister's BIG shoes and getting into a made bed!!!!

    I cant remember the last time my husband went anywhere for a week....lol

  10. Oh darn, I got some weird error message and lost my comment. Ehh well - was saying this was super sweet and that i could totally relate. ;-) While I definitely value my "me time" I also miss hubby a lot when he's gone.... and wouldnt trade that time with him for anything.

  11. what a cute post! i love it! the next time the hubby is away i so have to keep busy. i was so sad the last time he was away ... next time i am going to be like, what would sassy wife do?! :)

  12. Great post! I actually like it when the husband is gone! I get to hog the bed, eat what I want and watch what I want, just like you did. It's nice once in a while to have that kind of free time. Absence does make the heart grow fonder...

  13. Nothing wrong with some alone time & a girls night out. It refreshes the marriage.