Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Biggest Loser Update


Sorry I haven't posted in what seems like an eternity but I have been super busy with work and also working behind the scenes on the mentor program. I received a few emails from you guys wondering if everything is ok and YES, things are great. I really appreciate you guys checking up on me.

The weight loss contest is going great. I have lost a whopping 5 lbs and am in the lead for the most percentage lost!! WOO HOO. I've taken all of your tips and advice to heart and applied them to my new low carb lifestyle. I now only drink water and sometimes mix a little crystal light in there. I work out at least 5 times per week for 45 min at the gym also. I will keep you posted and updated on this contest and my weight loss. We may have some changes with my diet ASAP. I will let you all know.

The contest is a lot of fun at work. My colleagues are so competitive and have resorted to the destruction of my low carb life style. They went out to lunch to a famous Pizza restaurant here in Chicago and I decided to go to the gym instead. When they came back they talked about the pizza and how good it was and how I missed out. Then I noticed another "Loser" in an empty cube across from mine. I had no idea what he was up too. I then heard a fan and smelt pizza in the air all of a sudden. Take a look at what he was doing,

Yep that fan is pointed in the direction of my cube
With the pizza...SMH! The fan is angled directly at my cube.
Thats just wrong right???? This was super funny but really made me put my game face on.


  1. LOL!!! I am cracking up at the pizza and fan business. Now that's just dirty. It's getting cut-throat up in there. :-) Hysterical!

  2. Too funny!!! By the way, you have a blog award awaiting you at my blog!

  3. Congrats on the 5lb loss!

    Hahaha your co-worker is hilarious! He knows you are the competition!

  4. 5 lbs!! woop woop! Go girl. The pizza thing is hilarious, but that's right... put your game face on!

  5. Awesome!!
    I wish I could be on the real biggest loser!

    I have an award for you :)
    Pick it up here: http://wedonthaveitalltogether.blogspot.com/2010/09/my-awards.html

    Have a great day!

  6. congrats on your 5 pound loss!! And the fan thing? Now that's just mean....and funny...but mostly mean! ;)
    Finally grabbing your tag and putting it up on my blog today! yay!


  7. That is just too cruel. You have to get them back so far.

    Also I have given you an award

  8. Wow, that is a BRILLIANT strategy! That would work on me, LOL!

    Found you on Dairies of a Supermom Diva!

    I am also working on weight loss - have been for a while. Feel free to visit both my blogs



  9. Hey thanks for dropping your comments

    I am so grateful to visit and drop in your blog, more than that am enjoying in a new blog as a new friend

    thanks u


  10. We are doing Biggest Loser at work as well and there are always people trying to sabotage each other. I think that they are doing in all good fun, but sometimes going out to lunch to have a big hamburger sounds better than the salad I packed. I must keep my eyes on the prize.

  11. Game Face! Love it!
    Good job keep it up.

  12. So proud of you - 5 Lbs is a BIG deal - go girl! ;)

    Hey if you get a minute, could you tell us how your working out 5x a week. Where are you finding the time and/or energy - HELP! ;)

  13. Funny! Stay encouraged! and let us know if you try the Eat Clean Diet