Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas....

To me, Christmas is the most magical time of year. I was raised by my grandmother and she always insured that my brother and I had a wonderful Christmas. She created traditions for me that I intend to pass onto my children. One that always makes me smile is decorating for the holidays. We were always the best lit house on the block. Every year she would change the colors of the lights and ornaments and it was always a two color combination because multicolor lights were a huge NO NO for grandma.    We would decorate the outside bushes and the porch shortly after Thanksgiving and our house lit up the entire block.  So if we did red then as soon as you turned the corner on our block you saw our tall tree in front of my house glowing red! The Christmas tree was a big deal in our house, it was always purchased a few days before Christmas and of course we always had a real tree. We would decorate the tree on Christmas Eve.  My grandma would reluctantly allow my brother and I to place the ornaments on the tree, however she completely micro managed the project as she told us where to place every single ornament. This time of year is when  my grandma stays on my mind. Every best lit house on a block that I pass, or simply  me trying to recreate the magic that she gave me in my own home brings back those wonderful memories and a few tears along with it. I cherish all of those moments that we had and can still hear her managing me decorate my own tree.  Mr. always ask why does it take a week to decorate our tree but he doesn't understand the strategic detailing that goes into placing each bulb on that tree.   When I see the lights, the ornaments and hear the Christmas music it brings me to that frame of reference...those memories as a child.

Since being on my own I've always adopted that tradition and had a Christmas tree in my home, although unlike my grandma, I've opted for an artificial tree at least until we have kids then maybe I will consider getting a real tree.  This year I decided to go with purple and silver and ended up putting slight touches of gold in there also.  Mr calls my tree the Prince Purple Rain tree because of the purple ornaments.  This was our first Christmas in our new apartment and I really loved decorating it for the holidays. In our complex many people put up decorations a little late for me. So for a while our home really stood out.  But as the lights in other homes went up my competitive streak came out and I was in a competition with my neighbors only they didn't know it.  Michael's became my second home over the past few weeks.  I loved the fact that you can print off those 40% or 50% off coupons so I did most of my holiday decor shopping there.  Every time I saw a neighbors home who gave mine a run for the money, off to Michael's I went.  It was a fun little hobby for me and I really enjoyed it.  Our home turned out wonderful and I was finally finished adding lights a few days ago. What really brings me joy is at night when I am driving home and I can look up from the expressway near my home and see my lights.  Well I added some of my pics, and my camera really doesn't do them any justice. This is the last time you will hear me complain about my images because Mr got me a Nikon D3100 for Christmas this year.  What a wonderful hubby I have.

The sassy wife ornament

The Sassy Hat
The Ballerina

Cinnamon sticks that I coated with purple glitter. They give the house a warm and festive aroma

Turtle Dove

Touches of holiday cheer around the house
Wreath I made with purple hydrangeas

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and I pray that  your heart is filled with lots of love, joy and blessings during this holiday season..... 

Chat with you next year...


  1. Your tree is so beautiful - I love the purple and silver theme! I'm super meticulous as well. :-)

    Merry Christmas! (((hugs)))

  2. Your Christmas decoration is sooo sassy! I hope you had a great day.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Pretty, Pretty, Pretty! love your color scheme.. Purple is my favorite color :)