Friday, December 10, 2010

The Trial Run (Adventures of King Sunshine) Pt. 2

King Sunshine discovered some garland that I had under the tree.
By Saturday we were able to figure out King Sunshine’s communicating signals and anticipate his needs creating a happy environment for all parties involved. For instance, when he rubbed his eyes I knew all he needed was a bottle, his blanket and sleep would soon follow. If he started to whine then he was hungry and if he let out a full fledged cry then his gums were bothering him (poor baby) . Being able to stay a step ahead of him was the game plan for the day. At 7:30 pm we gave him his bath, a bottle, his medicine, read him a bed time story and down he went. He woke up once that night and I simply cuddled him and put him back to sleep.

He was such a good baby and I had a wonderful experience with him, although, I must admit by Sunday I was happy about sending him home!! Yes, I had his bag packed and at the door. When Mr said he was ready to leave, King Sunshine was bundled up and ready to go in a matter of seconds. I waved "bye bye" to him all the way down the hall and let out a long sigh of relief once they were on the elevator and out of site. I  took one glance around my house and it looked like a tornado came through it, I was sleep deprived and the weekend flew by. I cleaned the house and moved the furniture back to normal, grabbed a blanket, laid on the couch and literally passed out for 6 hours! When I woke up something didn't feel right, the house was clean and everything was back in place but…it just seemed too quite!  My "Ah haa" moment arrived as I discovered what the problem was...I missed King Sunshine.  I missed his smiling face, his innocent presence, his slobber, those glances of curiosity, his bath time when he would splash me, and his constant banging (he loved banging on things). The Mr. and I look forward to more weekends with the little King but of course once I recover from this one!!!

My thoughts...
The dirty diapers, the snotty nose, the slobber, the crying, the spit up, the lack of sleep and the immediate loss of autonomy was really an eye opener for me. I've read mounds of parenting books and did tons of research but none of those books could ever prepare me for that weekend.  I have a new found respect for parents! I knew parenting was not an easy task however, you really do not know the full extent of what you are getting yourself into until you experience it.  I've come to the realization that motherhood is a sorority with an initiation unlike no other.  I only had a mere glimpse of what being a part of that sorority would be like and let’s just say I salute you and even after this weekend, I would be honored to join!  I’m not sure if you can ever be prepared for something like this, however I do know that it will  completely change my existence  on this earth.autonomyimmediate


  1. It is absolutely something that you can not prepare for no matter how much research you do. (It does help sometime though ☺). I love the name, King Sunshine!

  2. He is soooo cute!!!!

    You guys did a GREAT job with King Sunshine! You're naturals. :-)

  3. Yes he is a cute!!!

    Seem like you almost ready......

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  5. Yes! Motherhood is such an amazing experience, but it does come with it challenges. Its good to be prepared but the experience is something that I don't think can be put into words :) And each child learns, thinks, feels, and has their own individual personality. They are little people! lol

    But when the time comes for you to have your own, without a doubt I know you will embrace motherhood and be such a loving and caring parent.

  6. Wow! You're good. You've mastered all the signals. He's so handsome!

  7. Motherhood is an experience like no other and I love every minute of it. Sounds like you and Mr. are naturals and will make wonderful parents someday. I'm sure King is looking forward to his next visit with you guys too.

  8. There's nothing like mommyhood. I would pledge it over and over if the outcome meant my kids. And everyone knows that pledging ain't easy no matter how much practice you get! LOL

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