Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wife Behind the Badge

Every night Mr. leaves his family (me) to go out and protect yours and every night I worry about his safety.

You would think one would get used to this by now but with his line of work every second is unpredictable. Even though I am not there with him physically, I am there with him mentally and emotionally. I mentally put on my bullet proof vest, uniform and pistol right along with him. I say a special prayer for him daily to protect him while he is protecting the streets. Whether I am sending him a sweet text message letting him know that I miss him or whether he is texting me telling me he has apprehended someone it feels as though I am there. He works from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. (When the most crimes are committed) and if my phone rings during this time I RUN TO IT.

It’s a dangerous job but someone has to do it.

Many don’t see him or other police officers for what they really are “Hero’s”. He tells me stories of people giving him the “finger” as he drives by in his squad car. I honestly don’t get it. So many officers have fallen in Chicago this year alone. My heart truly goes out to the wives and families of those officers.

His title doesn’t stop at 6 a.m. when he gets off. He is working even when he is off duty because he took a sworn oath to protect and serve. I can honestly say I don’t like it one bit! Yes, its selfish of me to not want him out there policing these streets. I want him home and safe with me. Well I know that’s not going to happen so I try to make his home as stress free as possible. No petty arguments, no nagging or fussing with him. I especially don’t send him out the house already stressed. So I do what I can to help keep his sanity and keep him safe. While its his passion to create a safe haven for me, you and others, I enjoy creating that same environment for him.

My husband loves it, he loves to provide, he loves to protect and is so passionate about it. 

He truly makes me proud to be the wife behind the badge.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Orginal Sassy Mahogany Wife-Wordless Wednesday

Grandma & Grandpa

Gone but not forgotten..Happy Birthday Grandma

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Pseudo Single Week (A Week without Mr.)

Mr. was out of town this past week and I can't get past the fact that I actually enjoyed this alone time. This is the first time since our wedding that we’ve been apart for this long, and I thought I would be awfully lonely and miss the heck out him. Of course he was missed, but I feel like I enjoyed this pseudo single week a bit too much. My first guilty pleasure was climbing into the middle of our bed and stretching out (making sheet angels). But the next day when I came home and it looked exactly how it did when I left that morning…oh now that was Divine. No shoes to pick up in the foyer, the bed was made, no dishes in the sink, and I walked into complete silence. This reminded me so much of my single days in NYC. To top it off, I went to pull out something for dinner and realized it was only me! YES!! Lean Cuisine and a glass of Moscatto…PRICELESS. I sat down in front of the TV and actually got a chance to catch up on some of my shows. Went on my balcony and I honestly forgot how much I enjoyed being by myself.

Tuesday-I worked later than normal and once I got home I prepped dinner for my "Girls-Night In" on
Wednesday, worked on some things for my blog and it was bed time before I knew it. My mind was completely occupied so that empty feeling of missing my mate had not snuck up on me yet.

Wednesday-I had some of my girlfriends over to keep me company and we enjoyed good food (Pot roast that slow cooked all day-a recipe I borrowed from Surviving Motherhood, corn, and mashed potatoes), great conversation and of course wine. I had a fabulous time, this was actually the first time since living in Chicago that I had a girls night in. It reminded me of my Sex and the city parties I used to have.

But uhmmmm....Still not missing Mr.

Thursday-I woke up soo sleepy. I guess this means that I'm getting "wiser" because I wanted to call off so bad. I was sleepy from the late night. I remember staying up until the wee hours and then getting up early to go to class or work and it did not faze me one bit. Uh huh...not anymore. I forced myself to get ready for work and I'm glad I did. Because that night it hit me...I missed Mr. and really really bad. I watched "I didn't know I was pregnant and got a little weepy, so I went to bed. I had a few sad moments but I was good.

Friday-My cousin from back east paid me a visit and I had a really good time with her. Once she left I was home alone, on a Friday. This Friday seemed very lonely.

Saturday-I went for a walk on the lakefront, came home and cleaned. Missing Mr. Then I watched lifetime all day. Around 5 I got ready for girls night out, put on my pumps and sashayed out the house. Feeling and looking great! I had a few margaritas and hung out with the girls. Came home smiling and feeling content because I knew hubby would be home tomorrow.

Sunday-I again walked on the lakefront met with the organizer of Real Wives of Chicago to discuss our upcoming Shopping Extravaganza. I made some steak tacos and Sangria and it was yummy! I worked on Sassy Wives Mentoring program in which details will be posted soon and then I waited…waited…and waited..

10’oclck. Mr. came through the door and I ran and gave him a big hug and kiss. I was so happy to have him home. I fixed him a plate, talked to him about my week and showed him my new business card design.

Its two days later and I am still happy to have my hubby home…but Lifetime is no longer the default channel in my living room, shoes are in the foyer, dishes are in the sink and I am back on the right side of the bed again. 

And to be honest... I love every minute of it.

Sassy Wife and Mr.
Disclaimer: Monday-Wednesday I missed you Mr.!! Love you

Friday, August 13, 2010

Closed: Ladies...Put a little sass in your look: Sassy Satchels Review and Giveaway

I developed a purse fetish early on in life at around 8 or 9 years old. Because of this expensive obsession, I'm always on a quest to find stylish options with affordable prices. I was ecstatic to be given the opportunity to work with Anne Laney, Owner of Sassy Satchels, and to offer my readers a sassy giveaway. Sassy Satchels carries a large assortment of trendy handbags, purses, and clutches that are of top notch quality with affordable prices. Handpicked by Anne herself, expect nothing but feminine, detailed and utterly glamorous satchels that will have you looking and feeling marvelous. When I spoke to Anne about the business I sensed a genuine commitment to offering women designer inspired handbags that we desire but at a price that won’t break the bank. She stated “Women need to know that they don’t have to spend a fortune to be able to carry a FUN and FABULOUS handbag.”

The bag I chose for the review is called "Gianna". The gorgeous Gianna shipped on Monday and was delivered to my doorstep Wednesday.  Just like a kid on Christmas, I could not wait to open the neatly wrapped package.

Once I saw the bag, I must say the quality by far- exceeded my expectations. From the soft leather, to the perfectly placed hardware, lightweight construction, sturdy handles, and the well structured tassels, the mechanics and detailing makes “Gianna” the “It Bag” in my purse collection right now.

Sassy Satchels is based in Georgia and has superb customer service. For ordering and questions contact Anne Laney at 678-488-0986 or email her at annelaney@bellsouth.net. Ladies if you see something you like please order immediately, (DO NOT WAIT) because it may not be there two weeks later when you go to purchase it.  Check the site daily as products are updated frequently. In addition to her wonderful prices she also offers specials and sales on the fan page.

Frankly speaking... STOP BY Sassy Satchels TODAY AND PUT A LITTLE SASS IN YOUR LOOK!!

Want more??  Here is your chance to win your fabulous handbag. 

What you Win:
1 Handbag of your choice from Sassy Satchels

How to Enter:

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Visit Sassy Satchels  facebook page and become a fan. View the handbags and leave a comment below letting me know which bag you would like should you be the lucky winner.

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My Fabulous bag and with my Delicious shoes to match..Diva'd out

Good Luck!!  ~XOXO
Disclosure: I received the Gianna handbag in exchange for this product review. No other compensation was received, and these opinions are completely my own

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Challenge Myself

Initially I started this blog as a personal outlet and to keep me focused on the wife and woman I want to remain. Often times we inadvertently lose ourselves in a relationship/marriage, therefore I want to subconsciously focus on remaining the person Mr. fell in love with. I lived in NYC for 8 years and although the Big Apple can be hard on some people, I embraced the city with open arms. I loved the sassy, confident and fashion forward diva I was in the city. Since moving to Chicago, I feel like my inner Diva needs to be unleashed. I looked in the mirror Sunday morning and did not know who that person was staring back at me. I realized all of these changes have taken a toll on me physically, from the chubby cheeks and giggly arms to the hideous muffin top. The last couple of months, I've used some survival tactics to help keep me sane. I constantly told myself that I’m strong, I’m only 29, I have more than enough time to be fruitful. Of course all of these statements are true; however, while I was trying to calm my inner beauty and mental state my outer appearance suffered. I decided to take back that sassy diva an instead of complaining about the problem, I’m tackling the problem and changing what I don't like. Monday I got up with a renewed sense of self. I knew it was then that I had to fight back and take control over my eating habits. I knew I had to become more active, work out and take care of my body. I decided to go to the lake front and jog. Less than 1 minute into it I was out of breath with strong heart palpitations and perspiration messing up my curls, I realized just how out of shape I was. It was at that moment that I challenged myself to not stop. I challenged myself to run for baby 1, 2 & 3 that I lost. I challenged myself to run for baby 4 that we will be blessed with. I challenged myself to run for my marriage. I challenged myself to run for this sexy dress I want to wear to the Broken Brown Egg A.H.A. Gala For Infertility Awareness. I challenged myself to run for myself... and I did just that. I jogged 1.5 miles that morning and when I came out of my trance I turned around and thought “Oh Crap (PG version)” I have to get back home. Tempted to hail a taxi but instead I continued to challenge myself. So I walked home and enjoyed the lakefront. I realized how truly blessed I am and how we often focus on the things that we don't have an never see the beauty of the things we do have. That decision to run on that Monday morning did a lot for me, it gave me a natural euphoria and a sense of accomplishment that I could get used too. Today I am unbelievably sore but with every ache and pain I smile. As I publish this post I am walking down to the gym, still challenging myself.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What I'm Reading

I picked up this book after "liking" Debra Shigley’s fan page on facebook. Since purchasing, I keep this handy guide either in my purse or within arms reach. GGG is a stimulating guide to advancing yourself in all aspects of life. It provides detailed and realistic tools about an array of issues helping you recognize your worth and feel good in whatever professional situation you may find yourself in. In this practical, insightful and candid look at the world of work, Shigley covers everything from networking to make-up for ambitious professional women. Shigley provides the reader with her own accounts with a sassy and matter-of -fact point of view.

My favorite chapters:
  • The Work World Can Be a Cold, Hard Place-You Must Learn to Deal with it
  • Expand Your Circle
  • Natural Beauty is Bullsh*t
  • The Best Education is Self-Education
  • Learn the Art of Negotiation
So if I'm looking for a body shaper (Spanx), a mentor or need some input on how to negotiate a raise; I can revert back to my GGG guide as it covers it all. This is a sassy girl's guide to working better, feeling fabulous and a great confidence booster. I strongly recommend GGG as I am using Debra's tips in my own life.

What are you reading right now? What book motivates and assists you with your career and personal life?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pay It Forward

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the encouragement and support you all provided for my Misconception of Conception  post. This is a very personal and sensitive topic for me; consequently, it was extremely difficult to not only chronicle the miscarriages but even harder to publish and share these intimate details with everyone. I've received several emails from other women who wanted to thank me for being so open and speaking up about my situation. Since I’ve shared this with you my mind is clear and my heart is cleansed. I know that everything happens for a reason and in due season we will be blessed with a mini B&B. In the mean time I will continue to dedicate my time to researching and educating myself on fertility/infertility. Thanks again and hope to share some exciting news with you in the near future.
image source: http://www.myfertilitysupport.co.uk/resources/babyheart.jpg

Monday, August 2, 2010

Deluxe Apartment in the Sky..

The Mr and I recently moved to the Bronzeville area of Chicago. What a fabulous neighborhood!!! It's very diverse, upbeat and urban with allot of young couples such as ourselves. I'm looking forward to perusing the area and taking complete advantage of everything that it has to offer. We are half a block away from the beach and the neighborhood is surrounded by nice restaurants, lounges and museums. The panoramic lake view is breath taking and I love watching the sunrise and sunset.

Lake view from balcony
Partially obstructed view of downtown. Looks beautiful at night
I was so excited to move and begin making this space our own. In the process I fell in love with the HomeGoods store. I have no idea where they’ve been all of my life, but love love love the fabulous finds and great prices. I found all of the accessories for our little bathroom there. I wanted to keep the open and spa-like feel because it's so small. The picture does not do the shower curtain any justice (Side note: Mr. I need a new camera please) as it has a hint of sparkle and perfectly placed rhinestones crystals at the top.

When I placed the mints and cotton balls in the jars, Mr. asked if there is a bathroom attendant also.  (Me Rolling Eyes)

Added this pic for Mr. (New Camera please)
Mr. relinquished all decorative rights in our home... YES, it was a struggle for him to let go; however, he realized for him to be happy he has to make me happy..(sassy moment). I honestly didn’t think he would be so involved in the decorating process based on his actions during the wedding planning. I was proven wrong when he put up a fight about this adorable little chair I wanted but according to him it was "FRUITY".

OMG we fussed and debated over this chair for about two weeks! We surveyed friends and family on their thoughts and of course both my BIL’s thought it was “Fruity” and my girlfriends and SIL thought by incorporating the "Fruity" chair with the other pieces (see below)  it would create the perfect his/ hers space.

Ultimately he gave in and said it was ok to get the chair, but guess what, keeping his thoughts in mind and due to lack of space I ended up not getting it. All of the disputing was not done in vain because a wonderful agreement came from it. I now hold the title as Interior Decorator (well for our home anyways) and he handles all of the electronics (wink).

Although moving was such a tedious task, I’m enjoying the new purchases and building our nest. Instead of diving in and making quick frugal purchases I decided to take my time and get the great quality pieces that I we will enjoy. We still have some organizing to do but it finally feels like home.