Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Buyers Remorse"

Hello Folks:

I've been out of the loop for quite sometime and although I could offer you an excuse I will be honest and tell you it was out of pure laziness.  I would often think of my blog and become depressed.  I never knew that I would have such an emotional connection to this virtual space of mine when I set out on this blogging journey.  I simply wanted to share and tell my story.  One of being a woman, a wife and my struggles with infertility.  Truth is when I became pregnant I was overjoyed for myself but felt a sense of pain for my followers who are still going through the struggle.. so I regressed.  I abandoned my blog out of guilt.  Guilt over my joy of finally sustaining a pregnancy.  I know to some this may sound hypocritical but it's the truth.  I expressed my thoughts to my sister and she offered me some advice.  She told me to look at it in a more positive tone and that I would probably be offering those women hope and strength.   So now that my little bundle of joy is here, I want to share her with the world.  I want to share our story of struggle, resilience, joy and every other emotion that comes with the journey from infertility to motherhood.  Over the next couple of weeks my space will be undergoing some reconstructive surgery.  I'm trying to figure out the best way to move my blog forward which may include a new design and possibly relocating to WordPress.  Please excuse my dust while I figure out the goal and direction of my blog.

Here are some updated pictures of Miss. Brianna.  She is getting so big!


  1. OOooooh, look at her cute lil chunky self! So sweet!!

    I agree with your friend. You story is inspiring and encouraging for others. Im glad you are ready to share it! xo

  2. She is too cute!! I've enjoyed reading your blog, I am fairly new to it but I have found it interesting and I'm NOT even trying to conceive nor have I experienced infertility issues. Your blog is inspiring for other women and I'm sure whatever direction you decide take your blog in, it will still do the same. As the saying goes everyone has a story. You never know how your blogging just about your life now and the testimony you have to share will help someone else.

  3. She is adorable in her pink Bears onesie! Thanks for sharing her with us :)

  4. My gosh she is super adorable. My heart is melting :)

  5. Welcome to motherhood :)continue to tell your story.. You never know whom you may inspire