Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kmart® Decorate It Forward Holiday House Party

I was chosen to host the Kmart Decorate it Forward Holiday Party and I am soooo excited!!!  As a party host I will receive a party pack which includes:

  • Kmart® gift card for host and shopping list 
  • Kmart® coupons 
  • Colbie Caillat Christmas In The Sand  CD
  • Shop Your Way Rewards insert

I stumbled across houseparty.com by way of twitter.  Someone that I follow tweeted that they applied for the Kmart Decorate It Forward Holiday House Party and I clicked on the link.  After perusing the site I learned that I could host parties (which I love doing) for free and get free stuff from some of the worlds leading brand sponsors!  This was the first time hearing about this site (Am I Late??) so I dove right in and completed my profile adding pictures, videos and links to my social media sites. I checked back every day to see if I was a winner and to increase my odds of winning by tweeting and sharing the site with my friends on Facebook.  

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and I actually purchase most of my ornaments from Kmart on Thanksgiving when they are typically 50 percent off, so applying to host this event was a no brainer.  However, I was totally shocked when I discovered that out of thousands of applicants I was one of the 750 host that was selected.  Everyone who was chosen must host their party on December 1st, so be on the lookout for DIY projects, fancy ornaments and yummy recipes that will help create a wonderful experience for my guest.  


  1. awesome! congrats! looking forward to all the great stuff!

  2. I have been hosting for House Party for quite some time. I love it!! It is a means to get my house cleaned thoroughly because I know I will have a house full of people. I have hosted for Oscar Mayer and have gotten a roll away cooler. I have hosted for Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Dunkin Hines too and the gifts are awesome!! Have a great time at your first House Party. You will be addicted like me!