Saturday, November 3, 2012

Princess Chronicles (15 Weeks)


Dear Brianna June,

I wrote to you a few times before you were conceived (letter) and while I was patiently waiting for the little one that God was going to send to your father and I.  So mommy wanted to continue a series of journals or letters for you to read when you get older. 

You see you were our miracle baby, the one God saw fit to bless your father and I with and let me tell you baby girl, you were so worth the wait!  When everyone said to enjoy you because it will go by fast I understood what they were saying; however, I did not believe you would grow and develop at this rate.  You are growing like champ, at your 2 month visit you were 13 pounds and 24 inches which put you in the 97th percentile on the growth charts! I love it, I love watching you grow and hitting all of your developmental milestones slightly earlier than expected. 

To date you despise tummy time and started rolling over from tummy to back as soon as mommy places you on your tummy! You are trying to sit up which at times I wish you would just lay back on mommy and chill out, but nope you prefer to sit fully erect with correct posture and observe the scenery. 

You hold your head steady and firmly so mommy has switched you from facing me to facing forward in your carrier.  Oh how you love facing forward and seeing all that the world has to offer you.  Your little head moves a mile a minute trying to keep up with all of the sites and sounds of the city. 

Lately, you have discovered your feet and you just love putting those little toes in your mouth. You’ve gone from cooing to trying to have a full out conversation with me.  I would give a million bucks (provided we had that) to know what you were saying.  But it's so cute and I love it!! 

Everything goes into your mouth, your feet, mommy's neck or my hair if I can’t get to you fast enough to remove the hold that you have on it once placed on my shoulder! OUCH

We just celebrated your very first Halloween and you had a few costumes but like a true rock star you had several events to attend. 

You have certain cries for certain needs and I pride myself on the fact that I was able to break the code.  Although, there are times when you just cry for no reason (or one that mommy can decipher yet, so I chalk them up to growth spurts) during those moments I simply want to lie in your crib right beside you and kick and scream right along with you.  You have a very loud piercing cry which I’m sure our neighbors love and appreciate.

You enjoy watching Baby First TV and more specifically you like Bonnie Bear, The Notekins and Harry The Bunny! No matter what we are doing, you could be in the middle of a feeding, or engaging with mommy (Peek A Boo, Patti Cake) but when you hear “It’s Harry the Bunny” (jingle) you completely stop whatever it is that you are doing and your little head spins toward the ttelevision. 

You are not quite sleeping through the night yet and I have yet to allow you to sleep in your room at night.  Well... I let you sleep there once and when you woke up for your 1am feeding I placed you back in your bassinet beside our bed.  You wake up 2-3 times a night which leaves mommy a little exhausted at times due to lack of sleep but it’s okay. 

You are genuinely a sweet baby and silly too.  You smile and sometimes laugh out loud (LOL) when mommy makes funny/crazy noises. 

You’ve had acid reflux since birth and it seems to gradually get better.  You did give mommy a scare when you were only 2 weeks old which resulted in a two day hospital stay.  Boy was mommy a bunch of nerves prior to the diagnoses.  The doctors had  suspicions of epileptic seizures so you had to have an EEG done, turns out you were fine and just had a bad case of acid reflux but your much better now.  I hardly even give you the medicine that was prescribed. 

You are a daddy’s girl.  Seriously, I've noticed a difference in how you respond to him and you can be quite the "Ham" with him.  I think it's cute.  I’m thrilled that’s the first man you will fall in love with. He shares the same if not more Love for you.  I could write so much more but I’m going to leave you with that for now.

Until next month…




  1. So so the pic with her and daddy, just precious!

  2. So so the pic with her and daddy, just precious!

  3. She is absolutely ADORABLE!! Have fun with your little princess! Take lots of pics and enjoy the moments! Hugs!

  4. This article was very well written - I truly enjoyed it and felt every line move me the way MOM'S talk n feel about their children. Well Done Sassy!