Monday, December 10, 2012

Sassy Wife Reveiws & Giveaways

Because it is the holiday time I decided to try something out of my norm and participate in a few giveaway events!  Over the next few days you will see post for giveaways that I am participating in.  Please, please enter them!! Over the past few weeks I've entered into giveaways on other blogs and just this past week, I've won computer software, cash and jewelry!!!.  I love free stuff.  This is something that I will participate in the future; however, it will not be on my main page or blog.  I am going to reserve a space on my blog that will be specifically for reviews, giveaways and events.  I am hoping to have that launched at the start of the new year.  Until then please enjoy the giveaways, most are simple entries and you have absolutely nothing to lose.  If this is something that you are not interested in on my blog, I apologize in advance and I promise things will be back to normal (tons of pictures of Brianna) in January.

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