Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Initiation

Hello, my name is Brandi and I am a “spitter”.
Although I am anxious to join my future Soros in the most amazing sorority of all time “Motherhood” the hazing process has been very challenging. My intense initiation began at about 8 weeks when I first befriended the porcelain beauty in my bathroom. On average I was throwing up about 2-3 times a day. The only relief I had was the thought that when I hit my second trimester this would all be gone and smooth sailing from there. After a couple of weeks I became a master of expelling my food. I could literally be shopping at Target and get the urge to throw up, run to the bathroom- throw up, get cleaned up with my handy throw up emergency kit and be back out on the floor shopping in 15 minutes tops. The vomiting has not been my most uncomfortable side effect. The one that I despise is the constant excessive saliva in my mouth. Oh it’s the most disgusting thing ever. Especially if you pride yourself on being a “lady” and spitting is just not a ladylike act. I had to come up with ways to hide the fact that I am spitting all day. I tried candy which helps but only as long as the candy last, once you sucked the life out of the candy here comes the fluid once again. I now carry around a small water bottle that I decorated with stickers. When in public I take a quick look around to make sure no one is staring at my beautiful self and once the coast is clear, I go for it. I quickly spit in my handy bottle. So far with this pregnancy I’ve had and still continue to throw up (not as often, maybe once every 3 days), I’ve had a terrible cold which I couldn’t take any medication for any relief; I have backache, headache, complete exhaustion and a growing cyst on my ovary which causes pain. However, when all of that is said an done the only thing that I have to do is listen to this...  video

That sound is one of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard.  It empowers me and lets me know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that this journey is just preparing me for the road ahead.  Things don’t always turn out as expected however you just have to learn to "dance in the rain". Please do not confuse my description of my hazing process as complaining. I am forever grateful and know that this is what I prayed for. It’s just that some of these symptoms took me by surprise and I’m wondering if any of you ladies had the excessive saliva during pregnancy. If so, what did you do for relief and how long did it last?