Monday, February 11, 2013

Treat Yourself to a Valentine's Day Spa Experience

Today we have a guest feature post from Michelle Pino. Michelle is seeking new ways to provide tips and tricks for women who can't afford the luxury of the spa to feel that same sense of luxury right in their own home for a fraction of the cost.  I was thrilled when she contacted me to provide my readers with tips directly from her spa.   I decided to try out one of her body scrubs and photograph my little DIY pampering project.  I hope you enjoy!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and there is nothing better to celebrate with than a DIY spa treatment in the comfort of your home. Every woman deserves a day of pampering and self-care. These delicious berry recipes will create relaxing spa treatments that you can use in preparation for a night with a significant other, or as a couple's activity if your other half enjoys being pampered too. These recipes are perfect for the single ladies as well. Enjoy some alone time with these luxury spa experiences or share them with a group of friends.

Berry Delightful Body Scrub


1/2 pint Fresh Crushed Strawberries
1 Cup Brown Sugar
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

Mix the strawberries, brown sugar, and olive oil together to form a grainy paste. Apply the scrub to your body after bathing and rub the scrub mixture over your skin in circular motions. The mixture can be applied with your hand, washcloth, bath sponge, or exfoliating gloves. Rinse off the scrub and moisturize your skin with leftover olive oil. 

Simple all natural ingredients that you probably already have in your home

I just thought this was a pretty picture so I added it..
My crushed up berries
Bottled Up!
Happy Valentines Day

Berry Chocolate Pedicure Recipe


¼ cup Cocoa
2 tbsp Non Fragrance Lotion
4 tbsp Honey

Mix the ingredients together in a small bowl; this will be the ‘foot mask’ of your pedicure.

To begin your pedicure heat up water in a large bowl, one that will fit both of your feet at the same time. Relax with your feet in the water. Remove any nail polish, clip your toenails and cut your cuticles. Place your feet back in the water (You may need to heat the water up again). Next, use you berry body scrub to give your feet a good scrub. Rinse, pat dry and drain the water from your bowl. Now, apply the foot mask to your feet and up your calves. Apply a little extra pressure to really get the true feel of a spa pedicure. Allow the mask to sit for about 10 minutes. Wash off and pat dry. Now you are ready to paint!

Create an atmosphere worthy of Valentine's Day by lighting scented candles in your bathroom, bedroom, or whichever location you'll be using as your at home spa. Don a silk robe to enhance your femininity, or a warm terrycloth robe for comfort. Prepare strawberries, apples, cherries or any fruit for dipping in chocolate while indulging in a glass
of white wine. Put on some mood music to create romantic vibes, or a favorite movie for a fun night with the girls. A DIY spa session with the perfect atmosphere will engage all of your senses and leave you feeling amazing and cared for, making it a perfect Valentine's Day treat.

Michelle Pino provided this DIY Berry-Chocolate recipe. Michelle enjoys sharing her ideas and helping other women feel great about them self. Her ideas stem from her knowledge and experience at Skana, a luxurious spa in central, NY. She also spends her time crafting, laughing, living healthy and learning as she goes!


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