Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Brianna June Turned 2 (Part 1)

Her new pose that she does when I ask her to take a picture! 
Princess Brianna has turned 2!  The idea in my head for her party was a small gathering with 8-10 toddlers and a water slide!  I hardly put any effort and time into this event as I learned from last year, less is better.  I came up with a water slide splash party after recalling how hot July 13th was last year!! So I took to pinterest and my simple planning began.  I gathered some ides and put together a bash that was sure to be a hit! 

For the invite I wanted something cute but yet still simple.  I found a few invites on etsy that I liked but then I found one that said they could customize it to look like any child!  I was sold.  I sent over Bri's picture and of course she had two afro puffs! I absolutely love it.  When I showed Bri she said "Oooooo that's Bri Bri" and that made my day!  The invites were purchased from That Party Chick

My next goal was to purchase/order the water slide for the kids.  The idea was that if I purchased a water slide, I would not have to plan any games or figure out how to entertain the kids.  Normally the bounce houses are advertised as $99 to rent, so I thought that  I could just rent a water slide for $150...tops!!  Boy was I shocked when I discovered the cost to rent a water slide was anywhere between $300-$400 plus.  After that shock, I decided to research the slides and see how much they would cost to purchase.  The smaller slides cost about the same amout that it did to rent the slides!  I still did not want to pay that much money so I stalked ebay and craigslist for about 2 months.  I went on everyday and searched for water slides (waterslide). I found some nice reasonable slides but I waited. 
I found one slide on craigslist and I contacted the seller.  We agreed to meet the next day at a local Walmart.  The exchange was great.  We kept our contact information to a minimum and agreed to meet in a public location.  I was excited!!  The next day after I got the slide home I decided to inflate it only to discover that the slide  partially inflated and was full of holes!  No big deal...right.  I will just contact the seller and let them know I want my money back. 
I sent an email and received no response.  They were so fast to respond before the transaction took place.  So I did some research and found the happy couple on facebook and added them.  No particular reason might I add but to simply grab her attention.  A few minutes after I added her, I received a response to my email.  She basically said sorry it was working when it left my hands, now it's your problem.  I was furious but I still remained kind in my email communications to this woman.  I told her that the slide is for a toddler party and that with all of the holes it is simply not safe for the kids.  My daughter will be 2 and the slide did not even hold her up.  She insisted that the slide worked before it left her hands and pretty much blew me off.  So I responded and told her that I would pray for her and her family.  I strongly believe that what you put into the universe will return to you..good or bad!!  I sent her the last email and left it alone.  I learned my lesson on purchasing from private sellers on craiglsist and decided that I would just purchase the slide because my ego was a bit bruised!  However, that $400 price tag kept me lurking on ebay and craiglsist. 
A week before the party, I did a quick craigslist search on my phone and found a Little Tykes slide for $150!!  The seller said the slide was used about 8 times and they took really good care of it!  I was hoping that I was the first to respond because this is a great deal.  The water slide sells anywhere between $400-$500!!! I sent a text message and 10 minutes later she replied!  Yes, I was so happy. I asked the seller a ton of questions after learning from my previous experience.  This time Mr. said he would blow it up directly in front of the sellers.   We agreed to meet in 2 days to complete the transaction; however, I got a text from the seller the next morning asking if I was sure I wanted the slide because several people have expressed interest in the slide that morning and one person offered her more money!!  She didn't want more money but she did want to get the slide sold and I totally understood!!  I knew it was a great deal so I asked Mr. to drive 45 minutes away that same day to pick up the slide.  I love my hubby because he did just that and came home with this beautiful water slide that was in really great condition and I knew the kids would love.  We explained our previous experience to the seller and they gave us a guarantee that if it didn't work, we can bring it back with no questions asked!  The slide worked perfectly, was clean, well taken care of and I'm happy that I went with my decision to purchase this slide and give craigslist another chance. 
The birthday party saga will continue with part 2 and the severe thunder storms that hit on "The Day"!