Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Brianna June's first professional photo shoot

Brianna had her first professional photo shoot!  Yes, she is 2 and this is the first time that we actually had professional pictures done, shame on me right??  Well since Mr brought me my Nikon a few years ago I thought I was doing something until Shanya from Ay'nah's Photography sent me the pictures that she captured of Brianna.  I absolutely loved them, all of them which made it so hard to pick and choose the final prints.  The shoot was wonderful but the morning leading up to the shoot was stressful as I left Brianna's outfits at home, on the table. I put so much effort into prepping that bag the night before and after driving 20 minutes to reach the studio my "Oh Dam" moment hit me and I realized that I left the bag. Talk about devastation. Mr thought it was funny and made fun of me. Shanya made light of the situation and told us to take our time and that everything is okay as she didn't want us to be stressed out during the shoot. I was also worried about nap time quickly approaching but never-the-less after a rough start we had a wonderful time.    I really enjoyed working with Shanya as she created a kid friendly environment which allowed Bri to really open up and enjoy herself.   I was not sure how Bri would act during the shoot but once she gave in to Shanya's welcoming personality we had a ball.  Our favorite set was with the water hose and rain boots!  Shanya simply gave Bri the hose and allowed her to do what she wanted except for get the camera wet of course.    
Hair: Washed the night before with Shea Moisture Products, Braided into 6 large plaits using Shea Moisture products and unraveled just before the shoot

Daddy is holding the water hose to create the rain in this pic! 

Floral Denim High Waisted  Shorts for Brianna and her doll Vintage Beauty 86 by Bianca Huntley
Chocolate tutu and Hair Accessory by Sharina Johnson

If you are in the Chicago or surrounding area and are in the market for not only some great pictures but a great session and a fabulous overall experience, please check out Shanya's facebook page and book a shoot.  She is a personable well seasoned professional and you will absolutely love your images.   

Ay'nahs Photography: www.aynahsphotography.com

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Expecting Number 2

Here we are half way through expecting baby # 2! I am excited, nervous, sad and scared all at the same time. Excited because our little family will be complete, nervous well because we are starting all over again, sad because Brianna will no longer be my only child and I sometimes get sad for her (it's weird), and scared because you just never know what to expect. I am happy that we have made it this far with this pregnancy and it is completely different than when I was expecting Bri. Morning sickness is down and close to none, my belly is nowhere near as big and I seem to have a bit more energy which is great because life is different this time around. I am working and I have a rambunctious toddler to chase after!

With Brianna we were both hoping for a boy but with this pregnancy it doesn't matter. As long as they are healthy is all we really care about. Brianna came out so perfect that we realized the sex doesn't matter. With that being said we do know what the sex of the baby is! We were going to do a gender reveal party but decided not to. I'd love to hear from you guys as to what you think baby #2 is. I need to come up with a cute little nick name for my bean but for now baby #2 will suffice.